Visszatérő vendégeink hűségét a törzsvendég programunk által nyújtott kedvezményekkel szeretnénk megköszönni.
Kizárólag a saját honlapunkon, és a saját elérhetőségeinken történő, egyéni foglalás esetén járnak az engedmények.



Refreshing Full Body Massage

Massage on the main muscle groups of the body. With massage oil, or massage cream as requested. The massage is carried out using special bodywork based on the Swedish massage technique, which works and relaxes stiff muscles to help relieve pain, increase blood circulation and improve the oxygen supply to tissues.


8 900 HUF / 50 minutes

12 500 HUF / 70 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage on the back of the body using special aromatherapy massage oils from the ankle to the neck and the top of the head. The relaxing, energizing and vitalizing effect of the massage become more intense as a result of this relaxing, stress relieving gentle massage. The massage increases blood circulation, lymph circulation and relaxes muscles. The treatment is completed by stimulating acupressure points on the face and the scalp.


8 900 HUF / 50 minutes

12 500 HUF / 70 minutes

Partial Body Massage

This treatment relieves the chronic muscle stiffness caused as a result of everyday stress, sedentary lifestyle and poor posture with special attention to sensitive parts. Treatment on the muscles of the hips, waist, back and shoulders.


5 100 HUF / 25 minutes

Sole Massage

During the sole massage by stimulating the energy channels and nerve tracts of the body, we impact the other parts, which refreshed the entire body. The energy levels of the body are increased by the sole massage. By working on each area the circulation, metabolism and lymph circulation of the assigned organs is improved this way stimulating the self-healing properties of the body.


5 100 HUF / 25 minutes

Reviews about us

“We spent two days in the hotel. To us that time was amazing. Very good location, clean room with fantastic view of Balaton. Beautiful restaurant downstairs and well-groomed beach. Quite expensive...”


“Nice place to stay very welcoming service. They help you in everything even if it is not related to the hotel service.”


“Excellent location, good, friendly and polite staff. Good facilities.”


“The area by ythe lake was excellent with enough sun beds for all. The pool complex was vey good too and all the games facilities for children and adults. The staff were very helpful on the whole...”


“Baby friendly hotel - ideal place to spend a holiday with children in any weather. Complete furnishing for children in room and dinning room. Large selection of breakfast menu. Clean private...”


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